NFT Authenticity Protocol™️

Questions about title, authenticity, condition and proof of ownership for NFTs has caused problems across every major platform in the world. With the first-of-its-kinds Authentication Protocol built by Original2Digital Corporation provides creators, artists, collectors, corporations,  and people around the world with a secure and effective way to verify without a doubt proof of ownership, no copyright infringement and Intellectual property rights derived from essential qualitative and quantitative data that is directly and immutably connected to the NFT itself. Every NFT on the OG2D marketplace is 100% verified and vetted through our Authenticity Protocol.

Looking to Create an NFT on our Marketplace? Get Authenticated Today.

Our proprietary technology is used to aggregate information, identify and verify NFTs to provide our users access to explore and create unique digital experiences with fully validate sources. Allowing users to have utmost confidence that the NFT they are purchasing is fully authenticated. Fill out the Authenticity Protocol below to begin the verification process for the marketplace.